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At Banaras Shine Creation, We Procure The Authentic Banarasi Sarees, Suits, Dupattas, Stoles, Fabrics And Much More From Various Weavers Across The City Who Have Expertise In Weaving From Years And Are Continuously Weaving This Tradition And Unmatched Piece Of Art.

About us

The main aim of Banaras Shine Creation is to connect the customers directly to the hub of traditional silk textiles in India i.e Banaras and highlight the authentic artwork and design of the Banarasi artisans at global level through e-commerce.

Banaras Shine Creation is a unique and interactive online marketplace that brings to you the best of authentic Banarasi products including Sarees, Stoles, Dupatta, Fabrics, Suits etc. It is a one-stop platform that allows you to access range of Banarasi designer items and collections online and get them at your doorsteps at pocket friendly prices.

Banaras, a city described by Mark twain as older than history and tradition, manifests itself in the oldest form of an exotic art – the art of silk weaving. Banarasi Silk Sarees and Silk Brocades are the finest and are collector’s items in the world today. Banarasi Silk, till date, is made using traditional handlooms and techniques. However, Banarasi fabric is losing its patronage today in competition with bulk producing factories.

Banaras Shine Creation has been started to reinvigorate the old hidden traditions of Banaras by connecting the exclusive artwork of Banarasi artisans to potential customers, resellers and other businesses. This will not only help artisans but also customers to discover and buy products which they otherwise are not able to do today.

Banaras Shine Creation assures to supply trust, quality, satisfaction & enduring relationship by providing an exclusive collection that would leave footprints in the minds of people.